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Intro to Child Themes – Presentation

Did you miss John Hawkins (a.k.a VegasGeek) talk on child themes? No sweat, here it is…. Intro to WordPress Child Themes View more presentations from vegasgeek

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Community Feedback

Barely getting the gunk out of my eyes when I check our camp inbox and get greeted with this: Dear All, Thank you for an amazing event (even more so for the live stream). This was my first WordCamp. It … Continue reading

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WordPress Townhall

Matt, founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, takes time to engage local WP enthusiasts in San Diego at the first ever WordCamp in San Diego. Full house this afternoon..

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Bringing Order to Chaos: Agile Development

Kelly Koehler takes time to help us better manage and execute our projects by helping us understand the principles around Agile development.  

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Introduction to Child Themes

Ok folks, we’re pleased to give you John Hawkins with 9Seeds.  He’ll be helping us understand the fundamentals of child themes with WordPress. A Theme framework is a Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually … Continue reading

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WCSD – Genius Bar!

Folks don’t forget, we do have a genius bar available for all attendees. Have a problem with your site? Curious about ways to make simple or complex changes to your site? Then you want to stop by the Genius bar … Continue reading

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Lunch Time

Just a few snap shots of folks as they take time to eat and get to know each other.. This is what it is all about…

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Getting Ready for the Townhall

Folks, we have a TownHall session set for 04 pm (1600). We will have Automattic CEO and WordPress founder Matt M. running the session and he is anxiously looking to engage and answer questions. If you are not present in … Continue reading

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The World of WordPress

Ever wonder how the core contributors collaborate and how the releases get planned and pushed? Then you want to listen into this session. Pete Mall, core contributor, takes time to help us understand that world works and talks how you … Continue reading

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WordPress as a CMS

Believe it or not there are still many out there that believe WordPress to be nothing more than a blogging platform. While it’s the foundation on which WordPress was established, it has since evolved into one of the most comprehensive … Continue reading

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We are Streaming Live!

Folks, we are streaming live from #wcsd! So if you weren’t able to make it please feel free to watch it on the web, located here: We have two tracks, Gas Lamp and Balboa and you can see where we … Continue reading

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Launching a Startup?

If you’re starting, or looking to start a new business on WP, then tune in and listen to Melani Gordon… More Info

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WP Hidden Gems – Little Known Facts via Automattic

We’re fortunate to have Automatticians in the house folks and they are going to share with us some secrets!!! Brought to us by Sheri Bigelow. You can view it here in the Balboa room:

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Welcome 9Seeds!

As always, pleasure to see our sponsors in the house!!! Don’t forget to check their services at

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Hi Matt!!

Sitting in the back, silently taking in the sessions.. Welcome Matt!! Matt taking time to talk with WP enthusiasts in San Diego!!

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Launching Your Site

Chris Lema gets things going in the Balboa track helping you understand the things that you need to know when going live with your site… More Info Not all installations are equal

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Treating Your Blog Like a Business

Lucy Beer gets ready to talk about how to think through the process of creating a blog / site and knowing how to reach, measure, and optimize your goals…. More Info

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This is what it’s about folks, taking the intermissions to collaborate with other WP enthusiasts

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Sessions or Food?

Some folks come for the sessions and others.. well.. ;)…

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WordPress For Photographers!

In the Gaslamp track we have William Bay rocking things. He’s got the crowd rolling with his humor and “Aflak” quotes… More Info

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